Is The Pickle Juice Hangover Cure For Real?

Pickle Juice is most often thought of as that liquid in the jar that pickles come in and then thought of no more.  Recently, pickle juice has surged in popularity as a sport drink to relieve cramps, as an accompaniment to some alcoholic beverages (called a pickleback) and now, as a soldier in the fight to cure hangovers.

The question is:  Is there any merit to idea that pickle juice can help cure a hangover.

The answer is no, it will not cure a hangover.  However, it has been shown by many a drinker to lessen the effects and duration of a hangover.  To anyone suffering one, this is better than nothing and probably a welcome fact.

Why does it help?

For many of the same reasons pickle juice is used to hydrate and stop cramping in athletes, it can help with a hangover.

When you drink too much, you lose electrolytes, you get dehydrated and your stomach and head rebel from last nights overindulgence.

You can replace some of the electrolytes, especially the sodium, that your night of drinking precipitated by downing some of the juice in that jar of pickles you keep in the fridge.  Some reports indicate that pickle juice has 15 to 30 times more electrolytes than leading sports drinks.

The sodium in the pickle juice will replace what you have lost and allow you to retain more water throughout the next day.  This should help your dehydration, which is likely the cause of your headache the morning after.

Pickle juice has also been know for centuries to ease an upset stomach.  My grandmother used to tell my mom to give me a little pickle juice to sooth my stomach.  If you have some post party nausea, try a little pickle juice to sooth the stomach.

My pickle juice hangover plan.

Next time you know you are in for a long night of drinking try these steps to alleviate the effects of a morning hangover.

1) Before you have your first cocktail, have a two ounce shot of pickle juice.

2) After your last cocktail wash two aspirin down with another two ounce shot of pickle juice and have a tall glass of water.

3) upon waking the next morning, have one last shot of pickle juice and another glass of water.

If your hangover sneaks up on you because maybe you did not plan on drinking that much, just take two aspirin with a shot of pickle juice in the morning and drink water like crazy.